EMDR Canada logo explained


The way of presenting the eye in the EMDR logo, a bit like a riddle, is original and has a deeper sense. The logo creates a sort of a bilateral tension in the brain. The eye brow and pupil are in symbolic right brain language, and yet they are the beginning of three alphabetic letters «MDR» decoded by the logic left brain. The left brain tries to decode the image of the eye and is confused. The right brain sees the eye and is not sure about the connection with the three letters.

This is exactly what happens in EMDR therapy: the client is moving back and forth between (often negative) left brain thoughts and images and the right brain world of emotions, sensations and associations as part of the healing process.

It is one of the basic principles in EMDR therapy to use bilateral stimulation, often through eye movements, in order to help the brain process through traumatic experiences. The EMDR Canada logo gives a wink to that process.