Stu Hoover

Address : 9707 110 Street 710, Edmonton, AB T5K 2L9
Profession : Counselling Psychology
EMDR designation(s) : EMDR Basic Training

Other Cities : —
Language(s) : English
Population(s) served : Adolescents, Adults, Seniors
Email :
Phone : 780-222-6441
Website :
Registering association : CAP


I am a registered psychologist focusing on life transitions (career, family, relationship, loss) and on recovery (trauma, depression, stress/anxiety, isolation). I am pleased to work with adults and couples, and have experience making therapy a "port of entry" for men to engage.
I practice by forming a working relationship with you based on respect and trust. I work to understand what has brought you to see me, and to "bring out the issues". We then work together to generate new perspectives on what may hold you back and start taking action towards your goals.
I was formerly an trading analyst in the Alberta energy sector and understand how downturns affect workers and their families. I have a specialty in group psychotherapy and structure my groups to be effective spaces for people to achieve their goals. I also have 5 years experience working with veterans and first responders