Irene Oudyk-Suk

Address : 14 Purdon Dr., Toronto, ON M3H 4W8
Profession : Social Worker
EMDR designation(s) : EMDR Basic Training, Certified Therapist

Other Cities : —
Language(s) : English
Population(s) served : Adults
Email :
Phone : 416-459-0956
Website :
Registering association : Ontario College of Social Work


Marriage & Couples Counselling, Sex Therapy, Trauma.

I use EMDR as a couple intervention. I’ve used EMDR with couples in a number of circumstances: anxiety about sexual performance concerns (specifically vaginismus and ejaculation issues), challenging childhood events such as physical or sexual abuse, or other difficult life events.

Most often I use EMDR in couple’s counselling when infidelity is part of the couple’s story. In situations of infidelity a betrayed partner will frequently have trauma symptoms: nightmares, anxiety, flashbacks distressing and all-consuming thoughts. EMDR can help with symptom reduction.

Exactly when EMDR is used as part of couple’s counselling is a decision between you, your partner and myself. Sometimes both partners are present when I use EMDR with one partner. Sometimes not. EMDR is generally not a beginning treatment intervention at Couples In Step.