Liz James

Address : 3292 Production Way 501, Burnaby, BC V5A 4R4
Profession : Registered Clinical Counsellor
EMDR designation(s) : EMDR Basic Training

Other Cities : Sunshine Coast
Language(s) : English
Population(s) served : Adolescents, Adults, Seniors
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Phone : —
Website :
Registering association : BCACC


I am a registered clinical counsellor (BCACC), an experienced workshop facilitator, a passionate mental health advocate, and a dedicated lifelong learner. I have over 10 years of combined education and work experience in clinical counselling, mental health support, and group facilitation, as well as 30 years of personal healing and growth work. I believe that we all have a biological drive to reduce our suffering and live life more fully. My life experiences and personal therapeutic journey have proven to me the effectiveness of counselling, and brought a deep respect for those who find the courage to seek change from within.

I work with both individuals and couples experiencing relationship problems, depression, grief, anxiety, trauma and PTSD, boundary issues, and physical and/or life challenges to name just a few.

I have had the opportunity to work with a widely diverse clientele from youth to seniors, and of different cultures and backgrounds. As a white, cisgendered woman of European origin, I will endeavour to stay open and curious to your perspective and reality and be especially sensitive with those who feel marginalized, unheard, or under-supported by dominant cultural frameworks.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology, and a Masters of Education degree in Counselling Psychology, both from the University of British Columbia. I am a level-1 AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy) practitioner, an EMDR Therapist, and a certified Hatha yoga teacher.

I have received advanced training in:

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Basic Training (Life Journeys Counselling & Training Inc.) with Sue Genest, MSc, RCC, CCC.
AEDP Immersion Training (AEDP Institute) with Diana Fosha, PhD, David Mars, PhD, & Karen Pando-Mars, MFT.
Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy ( Academy) with Rebecca Jorgensen, PhD.
Neurobiological Treatment of Trauma (NICABM) with Ruth Buczynski, PhD, Bessel van der Kolk, MD, Pat Ogden, PhD, Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD, & Dan Siegel, MD.
The Basics of Trauma Treatment (Inward Bound Counselling & Focusing Training) with Leslie Ellis, PhD.
Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention (Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention of BC).

In addition to my BCACC membership, I am also a member of the Canadian Psychological Association, BC Post Secondary Counsellors’ Association, EMDR Canada, and the AEDP Institute.