Karin Lord

Address : #201, 8711-50th Ae 2nd Floor, Edmonton, AB T6E 5H4
Profession : Reg. Psychologist, Marriage and Family Therapist
EMDR designation(s) : EMDR Basic Training, Certified Therapist

Other Cities : —
Language(s) : English
Population(s) served : Children, Adolescents, Adults, Seniors
Email : klordpsych@mac.com
Phone : 587-400-0302
Website : https://www.fireflycounselling.ca/
Registering association : College of Alberta Psychologists


I have been in practice since 2001. I have specializations in trauma, abuse (physical, emotional, sexual), and attachment therapy. I currently use EMDR to treat a wide range of issues including depression, anxiety, performance challenges (i.e., motivation, public speaking), and addictions. I hold a Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy giving me a strong background in assisting couples and families in resolving communication issues, daily living challenges, and blended family challenges.

I am an approved trauma therapist for the Alberta Paramedics Association (APA),

I am a recognized supervisor for provisional psychologists, master's level social work and counseling students, and have mentored psychiatrists in various mental health rotations. I am a court recognized expert in psychotherapy/counseling, parent-child attachment, custody assessments, and cognitive/academic assessment.