Carol Melnick

Address : 618 Iroquois Avenue, Ancaster , ON L9G 3B4
Profession : social work
EMDR designation(s) : EMDR Basic Training

Other Cities : —
Language(s) : English
Population(s) served : Adults, Seniors
Email :
Phone : 905-515-5047
Website :
Registering association : Ontario College of social workers and social service workers


I have extensive training and experience in working with relational trauma, early developmental trauma, and various forms of abuse and neglect.
I blend a variety of treatment approaches for trauma recovery to meet the needs and goals of clients.
As well as being a certified EMDR practitioner, I have specialized training in body-oriented approaches (bioenergetic analysis and sensori-motor psychotherapy). Body-oriented approaches, including EMDR, access core beliefs, sensations, feelings, and relationship patterns faster than many "talk therapies". A blend of these approaches facilitates a "working through" of trauma-related issues.
I also have training in Relational Life couples therapy and work with many couples where past trauma is present in one or both partners.
My EMDR work has been shaped by the teachings of Laurel Parnell and other EMDR trauma specialists.