Richard Rapoport

Address : Queen Mary, Montreal, QC H3X 1V4
Profession : Social Worker - Psychotherapist
EMDR designation(s) : EMDR Basic Training

Other Cities : —
Language(s) : English, French
Population(s) served : Children, Adolescents, Adults, Seniors
Email :
Phone : 514-378-1836
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Registering association : Ordre des psychologues du Québec


I continue to be surprised, after more than twenty years, by the positive impact of EMDR Therapy. I feel privileged to be witness to the comfort and change, and even transformation brought to those with whom I work.

Without exaggeration, I can say that approach can be a "game-changer" in terms of personal or professional limitations and emotional hurts.

My primary work is with individuals, as well as working with couples. I completed graduate work at Washington University, at which time I did officer training and a mental health internship with the U.S. Army. I have subsequently completed a two-year intensive training in couple and sex therapy with the Psychology Department of the MUHC-Royal Victoria Hospital.

I was associated with the Department and worked in a CLSC-setting for over twenty years. I also had the pleasure of being “Shrinkrap", a talk radio therapist / well-being coach on CJAD Radio for over eleven years and on CFRB in Toronto. More recently, I completed a three-year part-time certificate program at the Faculty of Medicine of Laval University in Quebec City.

I use EMDR is as part of a therapeutic process with an emphasis on healing, and self-liberation from the limiting and uncomfortable effects of past events - large or small. I have found that EMDR can often be very successfully combined with cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), solution-based therapy, clinical hypnosis and mindfulness-based psychotherapy.

I have used this approach in order to respond to self-esteem and identity concerns, confidence, perfectionism, performance enhancement, anxiety, depressive symptoms, grief, loss, abuse and trauma.

I have done so with students, business leaders, healthcare professionals, members of the military, veterans, NHL players and other professional sportspersons and performing and visual artists, and victims of criminal acts (IVAC); work accidents (CSST); and vehicular accidents (SAAQ).

EMDR is one of three approaches (in addition to pharmaceutical and Cognitive-behavioural therapy) to treating trauma determined as acceptable and best practice approaches by the U.S. Veterans' Administration (VA), with whom I have previously been associated with.

I would encourage you to investigate EMDR Therapy further and to consider how this approach could be of benefit to you or to your loved ones.