Dr. Francine Shapiro (1948 – 2019)

It is with profound sadness that we learned of the great loss to the EMDR Therapy Community of its founder and leader, Dr. Francine Shapiro.  She passed away Sunday, June 16th, 2019.

The members of EMDR Canada express our deepest sympathies and condolences to Dr. Shapiro’s family and friends.  She has touched the lives of so many.

As clinicians, researchers, and academics, we thank Dr. Shapiro for:

  • Her brilliance in creating and developing EMDR Therapy;

  • Her perseverance in the continual refinement of EMDR Therapy over the years;

  • Her astute skill as a gifted and generous teacher of EMDR Therapy;

  • Her ability to train others to teach EMDR Therapy with quality and excellence and with an understanding of the importance of constantly updating presentations in relation to emerging research;

  • Her outstanding presentation style, filled with knowledge, grace, precision, and dynamic information, integrating research and writings from a wide range of scientific and clinical disciplines;

  • Her prolific publications, that generate and promulgate stimulating ideas and methods related to EMDR Therapy, and are accessible to scientific and clinical practitioners, as well as the general public;

  • Her unwavering commitment and promotion of the importance of research to the development, quality and professional acceptance of EMDR Therapy;

  • Her ability to help us generate ideas about how each of us can start to do research within our own clinical practice;

  • Her impressive skill in creating ideas, not only about EMDR Therapy, but also about the therapeutic elements of clinical work generally;

  • Her encouragement for all of us to be better therapists, aware of, and sensitive to, the needs of our clients;

  • Her founding of EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs to promote “treatment of psychological trauma in underserved communities throughout the world”;

  • Her encouragement to develop and research therapeutic protocols to meet the needs of individual clinical populations, while staying within the evidence-based and well-developed standards of best practice;

  • Her devotion to making EMDR Therapy training and clinical application available internationally.  

These are only some of the many phenomenal contributions Dr. Shapiro has generously shared with the EMDR Therapy community.  Dr. Shapiro will be greatly missed but her interactive healing psychotherapeutic work will continue to live on.


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