Basic EMDR Training (5-Day Intensive)

Location : Winnipeg MB
Date : August 11, 2020 - August 15, 2020
Trainer : Esta Porter, Ph.D.
Language(s) : English
Info or registration :

Integrating EMDR into your Clinical Practice, 5-Day Intensive

(EMDRIA Approved Basic Training)

August 11-15, 2020

5-Day Intensive Training Objectives:

After attending the training, participants will be able to:

  • List EMDR’s 8 phase and 3 prongs
  • Discuss the AIP approach to psychotherapy
  • Apply extended resourcing interventions
  • Construct a belief focused targeting plan
  • Describe the application of The Processing ContinuumTM
  • List 5 EMDR specific targeting plan approaches
  • Develop resourcing skills to assist EMDR processing
  • Demonstrate EMDR’s unrestricted processing
  • Discuss the use of clinical interventions during processing
  • Compare and contrast EMDR standard protocols and procedures with the integrative approach

Participants must complete the entire EMDR training course and 10 hours of group consultation within 24 months (2 years) from their initial start date. Please consider this deadline when registering for the training.