Online – Comprehensive EMDR Basic Training

Location : Online
Date : June 10, 2021 - December 10, 2021
Trainer : Sue A. Genest MSc in Counselling Psychology, CCC. RCC
Language(s) : English
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ONLINE 9 or 11 Day Comprehensive EMDRIA Therapy Training: June 10, 2021 Central Time

Meet & Greet Optional Day – June 3rd 9-12pm Central Time
Meet the trainer in a casual setting online; meet other trainees; and test out your online Zoom computer skills while also learning EMDR virtual skills. This time is highly recommended for those trainees who are very uncomfortable with computers and need to prepare for doing a course 100% online.

Day 1: Pre Study Course: access 1 month before training.
Day 2: EMDR Course Introduction – June 10, 9-4pm CT
Day 3 & 4: June 22-23, 9-5pm CT
Day 5, 6, 7: Sept 14-16, 9-5pm CT / Practica in afternoons
Day 8 & 9: Nov. 3-4, 9-5pm CT/ Practica & 3hr Consultation in afternoons
Mandatory Consultation Days: Nov. 4th afternoon 3hrs (2-5pm CT); October 15th 4hr consult (9-1pm CT); December 10th 3hr consult (9-12pm CT) + Extra Consultation can be sought from Sue’s online forum.


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